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In the Footsteps of Jesus

Are you interested in following in the footsteps of jesus? Do you intend to take some time off work, gather your family and friends – and travel to the holy land? Now is the time to do so. Whether it is the well thought out itinerary, the length of the travel as well as travel insurance – contact E.D.I. Travel to learn more of what the tour entails. E.D.I. Travel offers high quality service, the expertise of Boaz Shalgi – a veteran tour guide, as well as commitment to the clients.

In the footsteps of Jesus: a spiritual and emotional experience

There are several rites of passage within the Christian world – and following in the footsteps of jesus is, undoubtedly, one of them. Are you currently living in North America? Are you interested in participating in spiritual and religious customs and events? These days, there are myriad of options that you can pick and choose from. However, with an eagerness to learn more about your faith – exploring the holy land will surely become the experience of a lifetime.

What does a tour that follows the footsteps of jesus include?

  • First, the accommodations alongside checking in the hotel.
  • The highlights of the tour itself entails a visit to the Christ's ascension, Mt. of Olives, the Old city of Jerusalem, Church of All Nations, Sisters of Zion Convent, the church of Pater Noster etc.

To learn more about the tour, the tour guide's expertise, as well as the insurance – you should contact a company that specializes in incoming Christian tourism.

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Following the footsteps of jesus is, undoubtedly, an experience of a lifetime. Are you interested to learn more about this unique tour? Contact E.D.I. Travel for the specific details.

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