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Family Adventure Tour

From rafting on the Jordan River to riding camels over desert plains, Israel’s natural landscapes offer an amazing range of fun-filled outdoor experiences.

For the sports buffs of you, EDI will arrange for you to paraglide in the Golan Heights, rappel the craggy cliffs of the Negev, explore the ancient caves of the Judean Desert or windsurf off the beaches of the Mediterranean. Sparkling sea adventures await the underwater diver among the colorful reefs of Eilat.

Or, for those looking for a little less of an adrenaline rush, you can relax on sandy beaches, snorkel closer to shore or swim with the dolphins. You can also wander the hills of the Galilee, hike to natural springs and waterfalls, or simply watch the sunrise from the deck of a slow boat drifting on the Sea of Galilee.

From riding jeeps to riding horses, Israel provides an abundance of exciting opportunities for those who are looking for adventure in their touring destination. With its wonderful climate, Israel is an enticing environment for nature and sport lovers of all ages, all year around.

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