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Holy Land News

Shalom Friends,

As you all know, Israel is going thru interesting times again….We always knew that our neighborhood isn’t friendly but it is the one G-d has given us and we treasure it. If you follow the dynamics in the area you will find out some very interesting things. 200,000 Syrians were butchered by their own government. Who knows how many are being butchered as you read these lines; in Iraq, Lebanon and other places and the world doesn’t care. Here Hamas was planning a war for months and built tunnels and rockets to murder Israelis and we went to fight them and prevent that, and the world is saying “No, you are Jews; Jews are not allowed to defend themselves”.

Friends, understand, we deal with it today, you will deal with it tomorrow. Europe is already dealing with it as we speak. You have the freedom to choose, make the right choice.

These are times that we need you and your support. Not only via Facebook but also to come over, don’t cancel your trips to Israel, show unity, together will we prevail. I pray that soon things will quiet down and we are waiting to see your smiling faces touring the Promised Land with us.

Blessings and Shalom from Galilee

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