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Holy Land Jerusalem tours

What do Holy Land Jerusalem tours include? These tours vary, and can includes sites holy to Jews, Catholics, Greek Orthodox or Evangelical visitors, such as Greek monasteries, the Western Wall, the Jewish Cardo and Quarter, walking the Via Dolorosa, visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and so on. To learn more about touring Jerusalem, please contact us at E.D.I. Travel, and we will be happy to build a customized itinerary just for you. We specialize in incoming Christian and Jewish tourism, with more than two decades of experience in creating fascinating and memorable tours for a wide range of needs. We maintain high standards of quality and are fully committed to every one of our clients.

Holy Land Jerusalem tours: Visit historical and religious sites

Jerusalem is one of the most unique and most spiritual cities in the world. Whether you are Jewish, Catholic, Evangelical or Greek Orthodox – we recommend paying a visit to this sacred city. Are you interested in Holy Land Jerusalem tours? Read the following about two intriguing places that are sure to be a part of the itinerary:

  • The Western Wall – One of the most well-known and visited sites in the world, the Western Wall, also known as the Kotel, is the last remnant of the Temple. For many years, Jews from around the world have visited this unique artifact, prayed for health, happiness and good fortune, placed notes between the stones of the wall, and shared their most sacred thoughts with these ancient stones.
  • Via Dolorosa –Christian tourists usually walk on Friday through the Old City of Jerusalem and stop at each of the 14 stations of the Cross. This way, walk the path of His crucifixion, while identifying with His journey, suffering and pain.

Spectacular visit in the Holy Land

From the Western Wall to the Via Dolorosa and the Garden of Gethsemane, E.D.I. Travel will make sure your tour of Jerusalem is spectacular, mesmerizing, uplifting and memorable.

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