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E.D.I. Travel Specializing in Christian and Jewish tourism from North America to Israel, combines two decades of professional guiding and travel expertise with fresh and innovative touring ideas. We provide handling all of your needs: accommodation, transportation and all touring arrangements, from the moment you set foot in Israel till the minute you have to leave the Holy land and fly home.

Our main and only goal is to provide each and every customer with an extraordinary Israel experience.

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We are creative in our approach; exceptional in our service. We maintain the highest standards of quality control and commitment to our clients. Come to Israel; take a break from the stress of your daily life and be assured that your visit will be managed in the most exciting and effective way, ensuring you the trip of a lifetime.

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Holyland tours

Participating in holyland tours will surely provide you a sense of spirituality; connectedness to the deepest parts existing within you – as well as your cultural and religious background. Whether these tours include fascinating sites such as Herodion, Bethlehem and Tel Hazor, you are more than welcome to contact E.D.I. Travel. This company specializes in incoming tourism, both Jewish and Christian alike, arriving from North America.

Holyland tours: which questions should you ask?

Many of us search for a meaning; layers of a deeper understanding of our existence. Accordingly, this search symbolizes various things for different people – when holyland tours function as one of the finest, most spiritual experiences. Either you are Jewish or Christian, Israel holds a momentous place for your religion. As such, we recommend contacting a company that offers quality tours to the holyland. While searching for the company that holds the highest standards, you should also take the following actions: • Have your family members or close friends participated in these sort of tours in Israel before? Seek them out, and ask for their opinions as well as personal experiences. Their input will undoubtedly present itself as helpful. • The next step you should take is contacting the company and converse with its representatives. From the specific dates of the tour, to the itinerary and the accommodations – these details are significant. Moreover, you should also inquire about the tour guide and his or her experience. This way, you will surely make the most out of this unique travel.

Holyland tours - Experience firsthand the richness of your religion

As a part of our religious identity, we should experience firsthand the various sites – as well as understand the history that they hold. Are you interested in traveling the holyland? Do you want to make sure that these travels include an experienced tour guide? Contact E.D.I. Travel for more information.

Israel Holy Land tour

Many Jewish and Christian Americans are showing interest in israel holy land tour. Whether that tour package includes a check in to the hotel, jeep tour across the northern border, archeological dig, Tikkun Olam and so on, by the end of your journey you will feel incredibly grateful for the memories created. To learn more about the tour packages, contact E.D.I. Travel. This company offers unique experiences in Israel; services that also include travel insurance.

Israel Holy Land tour: visit the beautiful places

Israel is undoubtedly a fascinating country, rich with sacred sites significant to many religions. Simultaneously, the holy land has so much more to offer. We will briefly point out the various experiences: • Jeep tour across the northern Israeli border is highly recommended. In other words, the beautiful views and landmarks offer a once in lifetime experience. Throughout this unique visit, you will also get a chance to eat with IDF soldiers, visit the "good fence" and so on. • Are you interested in history and archeology? The following activity is for you: an archeological dig. At the Emek Tsurim National Park, you will get your hands dirty – as well as get a chance to sift through the earth and search for ancient items. • Israel is unique and diverse country; one that includes a myriad of ethnicities – one of them being the Druze. During your stay in Israel, you will get a chance to visit a Druze village, encounter its citizens, and learn about their religion as well as rich culture.

Learning about the holy land with Israel Holy Land tour

Touring Israel will undoubtedly enrich your life. To learn more about the country, its culture, people and sacred sites contact E.D.I. Travel. E.D.I. Travel founded by Boaz Shalgi, a 7th generation Israeli who loves his country deeply.

Guided tours Israel

Interested in participating in guided tours israel? For many, the holy land captures an array of images; an essence of religion, spirit, faith and hope. Consequently, many wish to learn more about this country, its historical sites, captivating scenery and welcoming people. If you wish to learn more about Israel, follow the footsteps of Jesus and experience firsthand all that the country has to offer, contact E.D.I. Travel. Boaz Shalgi, a licensed tour guide, is the general manager of E.D.I. Travel and holds a great passion for his homeland.

Guided tours Israel: visit the holy land

Indeed, each and every country around the world holds a specific advantage; scenery and population that are unique and fascinating. However, Israel is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing, beautiful as well as significant for both Judaism and Christianity. As a result, many wish to visit this wonderful country – and experience firsthand all it has to offer. Starting with the Sea of Galilee, Mount Carmel, to the Negev and Mount Hermon – Israel is undoubtedly fascinating and beautiful. Moreover, and if you are interested in witnessing the holy sites of Jerusalem, visit Peter's Primacy or visit the Jordan river – we highly recommend searching for guided tours in Israel. When contacting a company that specializes in travels and tours in Israel, you should inquire about the various travel packages, the itinerary, as well as the specific dates of the travel. Moreover, you are more than welcome to ask about the tour guide, his experience and specialization – and whether or not he is licensed.

Guided tours Israel - an unforgettable experience

Israel is one of the holiest countries in the world. As such, many show interest in guided tours as well participating in pilgrimage. To explore this unique country, contact E.D.I. Travel for more information.

Travel Israel tours

Are you looking forward to participating in travel israel tours? If you are Jewish or Christian who live in North America, you are more than welcome to contact E.D.I. Travel. The main goal of this company is to provide its clients high end services – as well as the journey of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an authentic Bedouin experience, participating in an archeological dig, taking a jeep tour across the northern border of Israel or whether you intend to visit Jerusalem – we will gladly be at your service.

Travel Israel tours: ask all the important questions

Israel is one of the most sacred, beautiful and fascinating countries in the world. From the religious sites, the breathtaking scenery to the diverse and intriguing cultures – there are so many aspects to explore in the holy land. As a result, it is no wonder why so many Americans choose to visit Israel with family and friends. Are planning to visit the holy land? Do you intend to choose a travel package? When contacting a company that specializes in guiding and travel tours to Israel, you should ask the important questions: • Does the travel package include extreme activities? Will it also include calmer experiences? • What is the expertise of the tour guide? • How many participants will arrive at the tour? • In which hotel will you stay and for how long? • What does the insurance include? • How much will the travel package cost you? • Are there any additional notes?

Travel Israel tours - Choose your travel package

Heading to Israel and travel its beautiful cities and historical sites is exciting. To order the travel package that answers your requirements, contact E.D.I. Travel.

Israel travel adapter

Are you looking for israel travel adapter? Nowadays, you can carry out your dream, visit Israel – and explore all the sacred places. One of your children is celebrating bar/bat mitzvah? Are you interested in going on a family tour to Israel? Either way, contact E.D.I. Travel and learn more about the tour packages. Fill in your details, and we will get back to you with information.

Israel travel adapter: constructing a preferable route

Israel is undoubtedly one of the most sacred countries in the world. Accordingly, both American Jews and Christians find the holy land intriguing – and show interest in visiting there. Surely, whether it is a lengthy tour package or not, by the end if the trip you will uncover new and spiritual depths within you. Do you wish to visit Sinai for your son's bar mitzvah? Are you interested in following the footsteps of Jesus? Are you looking forward to visiting Israel as a part of a family trip? In order to plan an enjoyable tour, you should use the following service: israel travel adapter. This unique and helpful service will help you tremendously throughout your visit in the holy land: creating a high standard itinerary, securing a sense of safety throughout the journey, setting high-end accommodations and so on – your tour package will be diverse, unique, enjoyable and memorable. Before contacting the professionals that will help you with your travels in the holy land, you are encouraged to ask your family and friends for their recommendations as well as experiences.

Israel travel adapter - making the most out of your trip

Do you want to make the most out of your time in the holy land? Whether it is a day in the desert or a jeep tour throughout the Israeli northern border, contact E.D.I. Travel.

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